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Friendly T shirt Printing Staff

Our customers that are looking for t shirt printing services are very important to us. If you are unsure how to get the most out of your vision, speak to one of our T shirt printing experts. Our specialized and skilled T shirt printing staff is more than happy to help you design your vision, and advise you on which product to use. Our customers are our priority, we are ready to help in every step of T shirt printing. 

At Donkey Tees, we have worked hard to ensure that we are providing the highest quality of T shirt printing service. We have mastered the art of custom T shirt printing and custom screen printing. Screen printing involves the process of compelling ink over a screen by applying pressure, this procedure is repeated separately for each different colour when printing custom T-shirts. This layering is continuously repeated until your final look comes to life. Moreover, when it comes to custom T shirt printing, we can assure you that you will be provided with the most affordable price with the best possible quality in Canada.

Fast Custom T shirt Printing Service

Get your custom printed T-shirts within a short timeframe. Most of our custom T shirt orders are completed in 2-4 business days. However, out typical turn around time is 2 weeks depending on the quantity and artwork complexity on each custom T-shirt printing order. From design to printing to delivery, Donkey Tees guarantees that your Custom T shirts are of the best quality possible.

We offer different kinds of products, whether you are looking to print something on a t shirt or on sweatpants. You name it, we have it!

Our custom T shirt sizes range from XS to 6XL, our custom T-shirts come in all the different sizes. We offer T shirt printing options for ladies, men, youth and even toddlers including a varity of colours. Every Custom T-shirt we offer is customizable with your own design or logo. At Donkey Tees, we work hard to ensure that your T-shirt printing vision comes to life. What differentiates Donkey Tees from other custom T-shirt printing companies is that we dont only offer custom T-shirt printing, but also design your products for you if you need the designing service. Whether you already have aT shirt printing idea or not, we can help you out.

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Open Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm

Easily accessible by Hwy 401 and Hwy 403
No appointments necessary, just come on by!
Or give us a call (905) 282-9292





Donkey Tees has been in the business since 2012 and has printed millions of custom T shirts since then. We have specialized custom t shirts printing equipment which allows us to print huge volume of custom T-shirts more efficiently than our compatators.


Screen printing and Embroidery lasts lifetime of the custom T-shirt, given the washing instructions are followed. However, having a heavier wear on the custom t shirts may decrease the estimated number of washes.


We offer a variety of different meterials and qualities. Some feel and last better than others. 


We pride ourselves in being able to offer affordable pricing and the best possible quality.

Every single custom t shirt order, regardless of its size, goes through the exact same process to ensure the consistency in the top quality that we promise to all our clients.

T shirt printing is an Art and our Artists/Designers are very proud of the work we do. We stand by every single t shirt that we print and offer exceptional customer service to ensure 100% client satisfaction. We carry all the latest and the greatest t shirt printing equipment to stay up to date with the latest trends and technology in the t shirt printing business.


All t shirt printing order go through our detailed Quality Control Inspection after its completion. Any printed t shirt that is not up to our standards is washed with the special gun which removes the printed ink from the printed t shirt, and is printed again to ensure highest t shirt printing quality. We take pride in the t shirt printing work we do and stand behind the highest quality at all times.


We are specialized in bulk t shirt printing orders. However, we can print as low as 25 t shirts for our valued clients. We also stand with the Not for Profit Organizations running in the GTA and support with the good cause. So, all your t shirt printing orders that we process, allows us to stay connected with the community and be able to help the people in need.


When you first think custom t-shirts, or apparel, what comes to mind? At first thought, you might only think of intramural sports teams and t-shirts for small, local businesses. But the truth is that custom t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters as well as pants, backpacks, and more, can help bring so many different ideas, projects, events and campaigns to life.

Donkey Tees is a custom t-shirt printing company located in Mississauga, providing high quality yet affordable, Canadian made and environmentally friendly screen print apparel to clients all over Canada. With a dedication to customer satisfaction and talented custom T shirt graphic designers on site to help you print your vision, Donkey Tees can have most orders ready in 2-4 business days.

We help all kinds of customers — from large organizations to individuals — with their custom design screen print apparel projects in all shapes and sizes. So, you might ask, what kind of customer comes through their door and what sort of projects have they proudly completed?

If you are the owner of a big company, you might be thinking it is time to freshen up your branding, upgrade your look, design and order some new uniforms for employees. If you are a small business owner, you can take that step towards professionalism with custom design uniforms.

If you have been put in charge of your company’s fundraiser, or maybe your religious organization’s charity drive, and you are feeling a little over your head, the custom designers at Donkey Tees can help you with ideas and advice on how to get the ball rolling. Donkey Tees even offers a charity event discount to support you with your cause.


If you reside in the Toronto or Mississauga area and you need some custom design apparel, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is this: What kind of t-shirt printing company are you looking for?

Not all shirt printing companies use the same methods for creating their custom designs. There are several different options for printing designs onto clothing, but two of the most common ones are screen printing and vinyl printing.

For the process of vinyl printing, a machine cuts out patterns and letters on coloured vinyl, and they are stuck onto the t-shirt using a heat press.

Screen printing, sometimes referred to as silk screening, is a different process. Stencils are cut into patterns and letters, and a different stencil is used for each and every colour. Each colour is pressed through a mesh screen, tampered down by a squeegee or another kind of brush. When all the layers are complete, they come together to make the design of the t-shirt. It is a fun, creative and almost mesmerizing process to watch on video.

Now that you know the differences between vinyl and screen printing t-shirts, what are the differences in the final product?

Those in the business of screen printing t-shirts prefer this method because they can work with a greater variety of colours and get better, more vibrant colours. They also say that smaller details come out better on a screen printed t-shirt, which gives them more creative freedom with the custom design of the print. 

But as a customer, maybe the biggest selling point is that the screen print t-shirt has a better quality of the design. In other words, screen print will last longer. Your screen print t-shirt will stay in great shape, even after years of wear and multiple trips in the washing machine.

If you are looking for a shirt with a longer shelf life, screen printing is the clear and obvious choice.


The news is filled with stories of how Covid19 has impacted businesses around the world. Businesses that were forced to close, businesses that have already gone under, and businesses that are struggling to survive. But the news also brings us stories of communities coming together to save their local businesses.

And sometimes those stories involve printed t-shirts, and printed t-shirts stories just happen to be our favourite.

In Niagara, Ontario, the printed t-shirt campaign Sorry, We’re Closed was created to help support local restaurants, tattoo parlours, hair salons, dog kennels, concert venues, etc. The printed t-shirts were a big hit with the locals, and any business that had been impacted by the pandemic in the Niagara region was encouraged to reach out to the printed t-shirt campaign and receive funds to help their struggling business.

As for our neighbours to the South, two businesses affected by Covid19 restrictions decided to partner together and sell custom designed printed t-shirts. Hanson’s Shoe Repair, a cocktail bar in Orlando, Florida, ran a successful printed t-shirt fundraising campaign to help raise money for their out of work bartenders, servers and staff.

A friend of the owner and past employee of the bar, Sean Jones, designed the printed t-shirt, inspired by one of their most popular in-house cocktails, the Cat and Canary. The custom designed printed t-shirts actually sold out, the campaign was a complete success and may lead to another round of order of these Cat and Canary printed t-shirts.


The loss of a small business in cities like Toronto and Mississauga does not just mean bankruptcy and debt for the owners, it’s also the loss of incomes to all their employees which creates a ripple effect that hurts the entire community.

We can take heart knowing that for every story of tragedy there is another story of resilience. Communities are rallying in the most creative ways to support their local businesses, with Facebook groups, Raptors swag and with printed t-shirts.

Back in April, in Mississauga, celebrity Nav Bhatia used social media to raise $840,000 for the Mississauga Food Bank. Bhatia pledged to donate $1 with every repost on Twitter, and every like on Instagram, up to a total of $5,000. And everyone who pledged $1,000 or more will be rewarded with some Raptors “superfan swag,” like autographed basketballs, custom printed t-shirts and keychains.

Although not directly a fundraiser — but still a way to help financially support local business —a dedicated group of citizens in Scarborough created the Facebook group Scarborough Shops to encourage people to keep supporting their family-run businesses. Members share stories and recommendations, keeping the community spirit alive and businesses afloat during difficult times.

Toronto-based tech company, Buildable, recently designed the website to allow people to donate money directly to struggling businesses. All donations will go towards helping businesses that have been forced to close due to safety regulations, and helps them cover their costs of rent, payroll or other expenses until they are allowed to open again.

Toronto woman Logan Lass, has been creating and selling fun, homemade tie-dyed sweaters. All funds raised are dedicated to the purchase of personal protective equipment for staff, nurses and doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital. So far, she has been mostly selling sweaters and hoodies through her Instagram account @ColoursForCOVID, but her fans have been clamoring for more: Who knows, maybe pants, tie-dyed printed t-shirts and hats are in her future?

Another fundraiser, the NEWS 1130 Hearts and Smiles initiative, sells printed t-shirts, masks, or a combination pack of a printed t-shirt and mask, to the Frontline Fund. The printed t-shirts fundraiser for the Frontline Fund has been helping to keep our healthcare workers equipped with the gloves, masks and visors they need to stay safe.

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